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Cognitive Robotics

The research carried out in our lab is framed in the area known as Cognitive Robotics..

This new school of thought states that for an agent to aquire basic intelligent behavior this must:

Artificial agents find themselves in constant interacion with their surroundings making them very suitable platforms in the search for artificial inteligence.

Cognitve Models

The research in our group is mainly inspired in models coming from the cognitive sciences. This research follows a cycle of synthetic modeling where the theoretical models are implemented in simulation and in the real world. The idea behind this strategy is to get information and feedback about the feautures and drawbacks of the different steps and throughout the whole process.

It is common for these areas to use biological models based on theories or observed behaviors. In the best case scenario, the implementations are a good strategy to refine the theoretical or empirical models. In the other direction, the theoretical models help build machines that exhibit coherent or intelligent behaviour.


The work we conduct has two main goals:

- implementation and study of cognitive models coming from the cognitive sciences that allows us to have a clearer vision about the intricate functioning of the human brain.

- study and implementation of cognitive models in autonomous agents that provides them with the basic strategies to show coherent behavior and represent the foundations of artificial intelligence.


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